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Saturday Morning Tempo: 5 mile flow last mile fast

Saturday Morning Tempo:  5 mile flow last mile fast

After a week and half of rest it was time to run fast on Saturday morning and I was ready after a long break; not so sure my body was ready.

It had been a long week.  I had rested the previous week and was excited to hit the track on Wednesday, unfortunately the Great Northwest was hit with a major storm.  The storm was nothing like the previous one’s that have hit our area, this one brought snow.  In case you haven’t seen any news from the Pacific Northwest this past week, we don’t handle snow very well.

The city shut down, my work was canceled for 3 days and come Saturday I was ready to get out of the house.  The only problem?  The workout was at 8:30 AM and the sidewalks were still covered with snow.  I somehow pulled myself out of bed, made it out the door and out of our iced over driveway.

I parked at Greenlake and as I looked at the trail I knew we’d be in for an adventure; the trail was still covered with snow, ice and everyone’s favorite slush.  As I looked to the sky I knew it was going to be stormy and windy (you could actually see the weather fronts moving across the sky, never a good sign).

I made my way to the track and saw more snow than expected.  Several people from our group were shoveling lane one and I figured we’d be on the track (clearly I’m  very observant).  I wasn’t super excited about that option, Saturdays are usually off the track and though my foot wasn’t hurting I thought it would be good to avoid turning left for several miles.

Lucky for me only half the group was destined for the track (those running indoor) the rest of us had our choice of the roads or the track.  20 laps on the track sounded miserable so we opted for the road.

I felt good about the pace, 6:50’s for four miles and the pick-up the last mile.   We did a warm-up lap in 89 seconds and I realized I was going to have trouble with pace.  We ran our first quarter of a mile on the track to figure out pace and then hit the street.  We went through the first 200m again at 6:00 min mile pace but settled down through the quarter.

I was overly optimistic that my Garmin would handle the workout but was quickly disappointed.  The first 200m (when we were running 6 minute mile pace) was registering 7:12.  The following miles were no different.  My watch has a bad history of unpredictability in stormy weather. We were pretty close the pace group in front of us and they were running 6:30’s so I hoped we were closer to our 6:50 pace and my watch was telling me.

We did our best to settle into pace and headed out for 2 miles or so.  It didn’t feel good but it wasn’t bad.  It was just frustrating now knowing how fast we were running.  We made the turn-around and headed back to the track for the final mile.

Once on the track we were able to check our pace and it looked like we were closer to 6:40’s.  It’s hard to say if we were running that pace the whole time but it was just one of those runs you have to get through.

The gal from the faster pace group was finishing about 200m ahead of us.  I figured she most likely wasn’t 1000m ahead of us, but 600m seemed reasonable.  We cranked out one more lap in low 90 seconds and called it a day.

All I can say about this workout is that it was frustrating.  It’s hard not knowing the pace we were running, but we made the necessary adjustments.  We were talking to our coach afterwards and he was telling us about a few of our runners who’d race recently and had trouble with their Garmins.  The result?  Both ran faster than they thought because their Garmins were not registering correctly.  One dropped out and the other faded over the end of the race.  I learned you can’t always trust the numbers, sometime you just need to listen to your body;  and that’s just what we did.

Glad to have this one done and ready to get back on track.

run pretty run fast (and please no more snow)


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