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Week in Review: We all need a little patience… yeah, yeah…

Week in Review:  We all need a little patience… yeah, yeah…

Week of January 9-15 2012

I think I know I dodged a bullet with my fast long run from last week (I think).  I ended the week feeling optimistic and believing that pushing the pace would be good, but now that I’ve come down from my runners high I think I need to learn a little patience;  thank you second week of January, lesson learned (until next time).

Monday started off as any good Monday does, with my usual rest day, and let’s be honest, I need it after last week.  I have been ever so faithful with my Pilates (I mean it’s still January) and managed to get some fitness in for the day.

Peaceful Tuesday morning run.

Tuesday started off with such hope and promise but by the end of the day it had pretty much disappeared.  Tuesday was the day I got my MRI results and had my follow-up with the Doctor.  I’ll cut to the chase here, I got quite possibly the best news I could have gotten, yet I felt pretty disappointed afterwards.

Tuesday morning run. Can you see the hope and promise in this picture?

The good news you ask?  No nerve damage, no stress fracture and thank the good Lord Himself no soft tissue damage.  My MRI looked great, no issues with the forefoot.  A little higher up on my foot was a different story.  I have two stress reactions which my doctor didn’t seem to concerned about.  He pushed on both and neither hurt.  He said my bone density might just be less there it’s hard to say.

Bottom line you ask?  I can keep running and yes even do speed workouts.  I’m supposed to be careful on the turns, not increase my intensity and scale back to 70 or 80 percent.  And those last two things crushed me.  My doctor apparently didn’t realize that this was week 16 until Eugene and it’s time to add a second workout and up my intensity.  Ugh.  So what do I do?  Take the week off.

I know he said I could keep running, but I thought a week of rest would do my foot and my head some good.  Often times I push too hard through things so I sidelined myself for the week.  The decision was pretty easy cognitively.  Looking through my past training logs for CIM and Boston I didn’t start upping my intensity until week 14.  I barely ran a step during weeks 15 and 16.  But my heart was in a different place.  It just felt like it was ending before it began.  Luckily my dad was there to help me off the ledge and headed to my least favorite place the IMA.

I to M A. Ugh.

Wednesday I biked for 45 minutes (like 13 miles not that it means anything).  I did make it through 2 chapters of the Help, maybe i will actually finish a book.

Thursday I’d hoped to meet my friend Jody for a run, instead we met for coffee.

It would have been great running weather, but I will settle for coffee.

Thursday I biked for 30 minutes (like 9 miles) and then hit the pool for some aqua jogging.  It was my lucky week because it’s only the second week of classes so all our students are still totally committed to their 2012 fitness goals.   You ask what that means for me?  No bikes with pedal straps, a crowded (and yet entertaining) diving well and countless philosophical conversations everywhere… where are my ear phones?

Not being able to run is a perfect excuse to shop for running clothes. Oiselle was having their warehouse sale so I picked-up these two tees. My first purchase and I might be obsessed with the "Born and Raced in Oregon" tee.

I managed one more day on the bike after work on Friday.  Lucky for me college kids have better things to do than workout on a Friday night.  As I drove home I tried to mentally prepare myself for two more workouts at the IMA over the weekend but I was anything but excited.  I’m tired of the bike (as are my hip flexors) and I’m tired of smelling like chlorine.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited that the IMA uses the amount of chlorine they do, I just don’t like smelling like it for 2 days afterwards (gross I know).

SNOW! I'm really not that excited about it...

Lucky for me the northwest kicked up a storm that we haven’t seen in a few years.  The weather people up here are always threatening snow but it will be 30 degrees and raining here, but not this weekend.  Snow Saturday and Sunday equals perfect excuse to really take some time off (yippee 2 days); okay I did Pilates on one of the days.

... and yes... more snow.

Our forecast calls for a ridiculous amount of snow so we’ll see if this running thing happens.  Foot feels good and I see the PT this week.  I think the awesome homemade metatarsal pad isn’t helping me out (may actually be causing the stress reaction) so we’ll see what he says.  I am going to have to repent for not doing any of my PT from this summer on my ankles… but not too worry I’ve been trying to catch-up.

Eugene, I still have my eye on you; this isn’t over yet.

run pretty run fast

Weekly mileage:  4 (Yeah, that’s my total mileage)


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