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Week in Review: Hello January, here’s hoping for the best!

January 2-8, 2012

A new month, and new year I’m not sure if I’m ready for it but here it comes.  This was one of those weeks that sort-of surprises you.  A nice relaxing day-off to start the week followed by a freight train.  It was a slow gray start, but ended fast colorful, well maybe just less gray.

Monday was awesome, how can you beat sleeping in and a day off?  No running for this gal, but I did manage some Pilates.

I managed to over-sleep on Tuesday and barley made 4 miles before work, at least I think I ran 4 miles.  My Garmin, Garmin number 2, died on me.  How will I go on living?  I’d hatched a plan to exchange it at REI before work on Tuesday but my extra sleep killed that plan.  I was hoping to exchange it out before Wednesday track but it looked like I was going to have to wait for the weekend.

Apparently Wednesday is the official storm day of the week here in the northwest (you didn’t know that either?).  The wind was howling and there was some rain, but I still hit the warm-up trail without my rain hat overly optimistic.

The workout was harder than I expected, the paces were faster than I’m used to this time of year.  Our coach said he was easing us into it, and he most likely was if I’d stayed in group 4A but I got talked into group 4 with two high school kids.

We ran 2 x 2 miles with a 4 minute recovery.  I tried my best to hold on for the first set.  I’m apparently not smart enough to use a normal watch and only heard the first few splits.  We finished in 12:36, 4 seconds slower than pace (we were aiming for 12:32’s – 6:16 pace).  I can’t remember missing pace for a rep, but I was happy with it regardless.  It was windy, I was tired and I was hoping to just finish the second one.

I “got” to lead the second rep and ran us too fast but it felt more settled than the first rep.  I did want to quit with 3 laps to go but held on.  We ran 12:23 (too fast) but it felt good.  The cool down was another story.   It wasn’t my legs but the rain; just sheets of water.  It makes me cold just thinking about it.  For all the details check out this link:

I had two doctors appointment for my foot on Thursday (my foot is SO special).  The neurologist said all was well, no nerve damage, however I won’t get my MRI results for a week.  The MRI took forever, okay 45 minutes (almost forever).  Even longer for me since the tech left me on the table for too long.  Is that dangerous?  Your foot has to be totally still for them to take pictures and it has to be in this high heel position, by the time I was done my foot was hurting and I opted for a Pilates workout instead of a run.

Friday was back to normal, managed a 7 mile recovery run and my foot felt fine.  It was just a gray sort of blah day.

Totally gray day in Ktown.

Saturday I decided I needed some flat terrain to run on.  And good news, my Garmin came back to life, it’s a running miracle!

Smiles at the finish.

I guess running on a flat surface is easier (who knew?) and I managed several miles under 8:00 and my final average was under 8:00’s.  I was a bit nervous I’d be sore on Sunday but figured I’d be doing hard workouts on Saturdays before my long runs for the next 16 weeks so might as well break the legs in.

Awesome morning at Greenlake. Yay daylight!  I was starting to forget what Greenlake looks like…

Sunday was the real surprise of the week.  I was tired of running my long runs alone so I met up with one of the regular long run groups.  I’d heard rumors that they’d been running their long runs fast (like 7:30’s) and was pretty sure I couldn’t hang with them, but I needed people to run with so I bravely emailed Eric and told him I was back from the dead and that I’d be there bright and early on Sunday.

Perfect morning! 

I was happy I went.  It was great to catch-up with people and I’d forgotten what a difference it makes to run with people.  We started out around 8:00’s and before I knew it we were running 7:30’s or faster and the crazy part?  It felt fine.  I was still able to talk!  I was getting tired the last few miles but that’s normal (I mean it’s 16 miles!).

Post run pic with my friend Nikki, thanks for taking the pic Eric and for the Gatorade!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my long runs lately.  My friend Dani just qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon, she’s been chasing the dream for a while now.  I asked her what she did differently and she told me she started running her long runs faster (7:15 pace).

Hearing Dani made me wonder what type of limitations I set on myself.  I’m not saying everyone needs to go run 7:30s but for me 7:30s felt better than the 9:00 minute miles I was running the week before (in my defense it was hilly).  A goal I’m going to set for myself is to not set limitations on my ability.  I’ve been trying to do this with my track workouts as well.


So overall it was a pretty epic week.  I’m still nervous about the foot, but for now all I can do is keep moving forward.  Next week officially kicks off the 16 week count down to Eugene, hoping my Dr. will give me the green light.

Blue sky (Seattle style)!

Here’s hoping for the best!  More blue skies, fast miles (followed by slow recovery miles of course) and lots of pretty (I seriously need a break from gray).

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