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Wednesday Night Speed: 2 x 2 miles

Wednesday Night Speed:  2 x 2 miles

Okay, I won’t bore you with my normal pre run neurotic dilemma about going to track; should I go, should I not go blah, blah.  It was yet another perfect stormy day in Seattle and I knew I was going to the workout, after all I was working on a four-week attendance streak, and I hoped my other streak (the rainless Wednesday night one) would continue.

The warm-up was less than awesome and my foot really hurt by the time I got to the track, lucky for me it was my arch and not the spot that had been sore.  Now before you think I’m completely crazy I’ve had this arch pain before and it’s not a big deal but with my recent luck with my foot I had some doubts.

I was still thinking (okay obsessing) over my foot when Tom started the workout more quickly than normal; he said “go” while I was still trying to figure out what to do; dang, my slow thinking is clearly not helping me out.

My beloved Garmin broke on Tuesday so I had to settle for my normal watch.  On a side note, this is the second Garmin I’ve killed.  I’m apparently not smart enough to use this standard watch so I had no idea what our splits we were running.  I was brave enough to run with group 4 though the pace was frightening:  6:16’s.  Even 4A was a faster than expected (6:24).

It was another windy night and I settled in behind two high school kids, they were much more comfortable with the pace.  We hit the first quarter and half mile, I think we even hit the mile but slowed down the second mile.  We finished in 12:36 (shooting for 12:32) and to be honest I was okay with the rep, there were moments where I was starting to lose touch with the group but somehow managed to hang on.  I’d never been so excited for a 4 minute recovery.

I was seriously concerned about the second rep so don’t ask me how I ended up leading.  One of my new high school friends asked if I wanted to lead and I felt bad that I didn’t lead any reps the week before and basically tucked in behind them for a second windy week in a row (letting them do all the work).  So there I was, in the lead.

I managed to hit 94 seconds exactly on the first rep (right on pace) but dropped a 90 on the second lap.  After the excitement I settle in around 93’s (though I think there was a 91 in there someplace).  I was really ready to drop out after 5 laps when one of my running buddies took the lead.  She settled us down to 95’s for two laps.  To be honest I was ready to kick it in with 1000m to go but waited until 600m.  We finished with a 88 (way faster than we should have) and in 12:23 overall.  Clearly I was happy to be done.

The first rep was hard and I never felt comfortable.  The second rep was hard because it was fast but it felt more comfortable (even though I wanted to quit).  My foot didn’t hurt at all while running but really bothered me during the cool down.  It was an odd workout, but I’ll take it.  Good news, no rain; the streak lives!  Sort-of, it dumped on us the entire cool down (sorry no picture this week).  I can’t remember the last time I’d run in rain like that, it felt like of the end of the world.

Another week in the books and my last week with only one workout; Next week kicks off official marathon training :).

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