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Week in Review: Goodbye 2011 you weren’t that bad…

Week in Review:  Goodbye 2011 you weren’t that bad…

December 26 2011 – January 1 2012

I thought I’d be ready to kick 2011 in the pants but to be honest it was a pretty good year.  Sure my training didn’t go according to plan, I didn’t get to PR in the marathon, but I don’t think I’d trade what I learned along the way from amazing workouts, to an injury, to unexpected personal growth; 2011 you weren’t so bad.

Enough of that though, this isn’t a deep and thoughtful reflection on the year, but a recap of this final week of 2011.  There was some crazy fast running (for me), followed by many, many, many slow miles, and of course some pretty here and there.

Home after lots of traveling, note the awesome new German coaster from my brother and sister-in-law and the gnome from my other brother.

The week started off right with a rest day.  I spent most of the day by the fire with my ever so energetic cat (okay I did manage a Pilates workout).

Such a fine-looking animal, this was before we moved her bed in front of the fire. Also Jerome the gnome made the pic.

Spent plenty of time Monday testing out the new Christmas presents and then back to reality on Tuesday;  work.

New jewelry box from the parents, in the perfect shade of the perfect color.

New pair of Uggs, they may only leave my feet for my new Tory's.

And awesome necklace from the husband 🙂

Back to running.  My Tuesday run was a bit of a haze, apparently I was way too comfortable with my new holiday sleep schedule and a morning run before the sunrise was not my favorite.  I think I forgot how to use my Garmin and have a sneaky suspicion that my 6 mile run was closer to 7.  My brain clearly was not yet awake so I’m still not really sure what happened.

Wednesday brought about storm 5 of the week.  It rained like the end of the world and I wasn’t sure the roof in our office building would make it through the storm (don’t worry it’s still there which is more than I can say for the roof at Husky Stadium).

I made my way to the track trying to prepare for a sloppy tempo run, there were puddles everywhere, but to my surprise the workout sheet read thus:  7 x 800m with 2 min recovery.  Excuse me?  Before I was overcome by panic I realized my group pace (group 4) would be manageable and I’m sure it would have been had anyone from group 4 showed up for the workout, however I was alone.  Welcome to group 3A (yes, faster than 4A and 4).

Another dark night in Seattle. Must be Wednesday night.

I’m still  missing my lungs from the workout and am counting my blessings that we weren’t completed blown off the track and swept into the Puget Sound, here are the numbers:  3:01 (we went out fast and slowed down too much on the second lap), 2:57, 2:59, 2:54, 2:58, 2:51 and 2:55.  For all the epic details checkout the full recap:

Thursday morning sky on my failed recovery run.

I made a valiant attempt at a recovery run but called it a day after 20 minutes.  I just wasn’t feel-in it.  I was tired, and wasn’t sure how the foot felt.  The morning wasn’t a total waste.  I got to wear my favorite purple plaid running jacket, saw a beautiful purple sunrise and managed to snap a new profile pic.

Love this purple plaid rain jacket.

I spent the afternoon at a new doctor’s office getting my foot looked at by a real pro.  I kid you not, my new doc works with the Olympic track and field team, and he’s getting ready for the trials this spring and then London this summer.  He’s worked with anyone who’s anyone, Goucher, Rupp Salazar so I was excited to see what he had to say.  So the verdict?  More testing :).

I always have to take pictures of my parking places or I won't find my car again. This one was taken at the hospital we all know how confusing their parking systems can be... or is that just me?

My new doctor doesn’t think it’s the soft tissue injury from last spring, but I have to get an MRI next week and see some nerve doctor to rule out a few things… oh and he didn’t say I had to stop running; clearly the highlight of the week, but not in the clear yet more to come next week.

Friday I was starting to get sick, managed an ugly 6 before I realized how bad I felt.  Come Saturday (after many, many hours of extra sleep) I was feeling much better and managed a decent, yet slow 8.  It was one of the most beautiful runs of the year and a great way to bid 2011 farewell.

Woke-up to a pretty purple morning sky.

Last sunrise of 2011.

Followed-up the morning run with the ladies and an amazing breakfast. Yes I ordered food and yes the plate was larger than my head.

Unfortunately the start of 2011 wasn’t as amazing.  I managed the hilliest 12 miles of my life (I need to find new long run spots) and it felt like I was in a wind tunnel the entire time.  Besides the wind and my legs not working it was a beautiful morning.

I was way over dressed for this run, when did 50 get so warm? Favorite lulu inspire crops and heavy weight long-sleeve.

The husband and I opted for a walk to cap our Sunday off. My legs were so tired I'm surprised they functioned correctly.

It was a solid week to bring 2011 to a close.  I’m excited to see what 2012 has lined up for me.  Few more weeks of building some base and then time to transition into marathon training mode.

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