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Week in Review: “Don’t throw me down Clark”

Week in Review:  “Don’t throw me down Clark”

December 19-25, 2011

Clearly I’m still in vacation mode, but since I’m heading back into the office tomorrow figured I’d better recap last week before it’s a distant, distant memory.  This week had lots of fast, pretty and holiday cheer.

As close as I got to the observatory. Okay, maybe I was a bit closer on my two failed running attempts. Heck I might have been closer from Ginger's house.

Monday was my usual day off, but since I was still in LA for my birthday weekend my friend Ginger and hiked in Griffith Park, the highlight?  I finally found the observatory, however it was still at afar.  Check out last week’s “Week in Review” for the entire epic saga.

View from the top, city of Angels below

I was tired on Tuesday and put in a full day at the office, so I opted for 4 miles on the waterfront on the way home.  I remembered to pack everything for my run except my beloved Garmin.  I was trying to figure out the best way to guess 4 miles when I realized I’d downloaded the Nike App for my phone a million years ago.

View on the drive home, half the roof gone.

It was too dark for pictures. Clearly.

Years ago I ran with Nike plus, but somehow managed to confuse the poor thing when I started running intervals and it was totally off (still not sure how the Plus calculates your distance and speed) but the new app has GPS (I think) so I gave it a whirl.  Didn’t love it, don’t plan on using it again unless I’m in a bind.

The screen turns black once you get into your run... note that was not the pace I was running... not even close.

Final run summary.

The run didn’t feel good, which of course made me nervous for track on Wednesday.  I spent most of my day debating back and forth whether I should run in group 4 or 4A (4 being the faster group).  After a less-than amazing warm-up and peaking at the paces, I decided I’d run in group 4A.

Why then was I lined up with group 4?  No clue, really.  But I went with it and was able to run the pace.  We ran 2 x 15 minutes with a base pace of 6:32’s.  We had the option of surging every 2 minutes when we changed the lead.  We were supposed to lead by alphabetical order, but clearly that was way too much thinking for the group.  We manage surges pretty regularly on the first rep and maybe found a few the last rep.  Our group ran 6:27 for the first rep, took a 3 minute break and then we averaged 6:32’s for the second rep (last 4 minutes were uphill and were anything but pretty).  For all the details checkout the full review:

I swear I have a face. It was right at 30 degrees for the morning run.

I hurried home after the workout to pack once again, but this time to see the family in Portland for Christmas.  I got up and ran an ugly 6 miles before I hit the road.  I was only going to run 4 and I’m not sure how I ended up at 6 (anyone see a pattern here?) It was the first time I’d run after a speed workout in a while, so I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing and it wasn’t.  Just happy to get it done.

Saw the sun rise.

Still a cold grey day. At least the day matched my Lulu running jacket and hat.

Friday was a rest day, though I did start day 2 of Pilates.  My coach told me if I wanted to run sub-3 I’d need to work on my core strength and hip flexors (boo) because apparently I don’t run in attack mode?  Not sure what that means but I guess I sit back on my hips instead of having the correct pelvic tilt… yeah… still a bit unclear but thought I’d better start at least trying to strengthen those muscles.

Love this part of the run.

Decide to go long on Saturday, 14 miles, and let me just say it was so much easier than the 12 miles from the week before.  I should point out it didn’t start that well and after the first mile I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  I finally settled on the fact that I was anemic again by the end of mile 2.  I’d completely written off my marathon goal when I realized I was now running a full minute faster per mile than I had the first 2 miles.

Post run pic (that's Boo the Cocker Spaniel in the back ground, not a baby bear. Best Lulu long-sleeve, it's a bit heavier but breathes well (for a shirt that is...)

Okay, so maybe, just maybe I overreacted.  Maybe.  I ended-up averaging 8:08’s which is pretty good for me on my own (and with those first two slower miles).  The run felt good and wouldn’t you know, I had a bit of a pelvic tilt, maybe my coach does know what he’s talking about.


Perfect ending for a Christmas Eve long run.

Sunday was Christmas (as I am sure you all know).  Now that the family is older everyone wants to sleep in, which worked out perfectly for me.  It meant I was able to get an 8 mile recovery run it.  I snuck out the door just before 8 (and before Santa had come to our house apparently) and was happy to see I wasn’t the only crazy person out for a run, across the street our neighbor was decked out in Duck gear getting his holiday run on.

The first 3 miles were great, perfect morning for a run, completely calm, quiet and peaceful.  The last 3 miles might as well have been on a different day.  It was windy, a bit of rain and there were lots of cars out and more importantly I was ready for my mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls.

At least I know my reflective gear works, thanks mom for the pic.

I did get to see Santa on my run.  He caught up with me at a light around mile 2.  It took every ounce of self-control in me not to race him, you know how that goes (don’t act like you don’t know).  Luck for me he must have read my mind (he’s Santa after-all) and he crossed the street and I didn’t have to worry about racing him.

It was a solid week of training filled with holiday cheer (great time with the family sad it ended so soon).  I’m starting to feel more like myself again, ready for one last week of 2011.  I can’t wait to see what 2012 holds.  Better go get my Pilates in before it gets too late.

run pretty run fast

(oh… and the title of this post is clearly from one of the best Christmas movies ever… duh)


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