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Wednesday Night Speed: 2 x 15 minutes with surges

Wednesday Night Speed:  2 x 15 minutes with surges

I sort-of survived last week’s speed workout, so I figured I’d make it two weeks in a row.  Clearly I’ve lost my mind because I’m not sure who else is doing speed workouts the week of Christmas but I had nothing else to do on a December night.  Luckily a few of my peers felt the same way, so there we were, in the dark waiting to sprint off into the night.

It was an unusually quiet at and dark night.  I think most Greenlakers had traveled for the holidays or were just staying in because it was so dang cold and dark.  Even traffic was light on my way over to the track; I was a full half an hour early for the warm-up.  I burned 15 minutes in my car on email and various iPhone games, but couldn’t imagine sitting there for another 15 minutes, so I decided to do a longer warm-up.

I’ve been trying to go easy on the mileage keeping my warm-up to 2 miles instead of my normal 3, but I had trouble warming-up last week so figured the extra mile could help.  It was slow and ugly, my legs didn’t feel great and to be honest I didn’t feel great but if I bailed on every workout with a crappy warm-up I’d run about 3 workouts a year.

We stood around in the dark for what seemed like ages but after announcements, strides and warm-up quarters we were off.  The biggest decision for me this week was group 4A or 4.

I’d been thinking about my group dilemma all day at work and figured I’d run 4A (the slower group).  My decision was confirmed when I looked at the paces, 4A base pace was 6:48’s and group 4 was 6:32’s.  How I managed to line-up with group 4 is still a mystery but there I was; ready begin.

We managed a lap on the track and then hit the streets for the remainder of the workout.  After a major back-up crossing traffic at the minute fifty mark we were off again.  The pace felt fast and I was worried about my legs since they’d hurt so much in LA last week, but my breathing was good so I settled in.

Before I knew it we were at 5 minutes to go on the first rep.  We were supposed to change the lead every 2 minutes and surge if we felt like it.  Our group did a pretty good job of surging, that is everyone but me.  I watch everyone surge and then I just caught back-up to them, not sure if my legs weren’t working or my brain, but I just didn’t react when people surged.

We averaged 6:24’s a bit fast but figured that was due to the surges.  We jogged 3 minutes and were off again.  I figured I could endure the pain for 15 more minutes.  I started out behind everyone but the pace felt slow, so before I knew it I was sharing the lead.  All was going well until we had to finish the last half mile up hill.  I held on but I am certain it wasn’t pretty.  We averaged 6:32’s; the last half mile slowed us down a bit.

Glad to report my cool down was much better than the week before.  I was tired but didn’t have to crawl to my car which was a good change from the previous week.  All in all it’s nice to get two in a row and happy to have felt strong after the recent time off.  Bring on the holiday cheer!

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