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Wednesday Night Speed: 3.5 mile tempo and 3 x 200m

Wednesday Night Speed: 3.5 mile tempo and 3 x 200m

It’s been a few weeks and I could feel it.  My last speed session was in Portland right after Thanksgiving.  As I made my way to the track I had mixed emotions, I was happy to be back, but it was dark, it was cold, I had a cold and I still had to pack for my Birthday weekend getaway when I got home.  Seemed to make more sense to turn around and head home, but by the time I arrived at this conclusion, I’d arrived at the track.

I was hoping we’d get started right away so I could get home, but no such luck.  Announcements, followed by strides and the warm-up quarter and then finally on our way.

The workout was a 3.5 mile cut down followed by a 12 to 15 minute jog and 3 x 200 meters (not too fast).  I’d been running with group 4 but dropped back to 4A since I’d been gone for a few weeks, I had a cold and  wasn’t sure how my foot would feel (besides I don’t think there was anyone from group 4 there this week, we’ve been a sparse group these past few weeks).

There were 6 of us in the group (including 3 girls half my age), we decided to run a lap on the track and then head down to Greenlake.  I’m not going to lie the first lap felt like we were sprinting, in fact the whole first mile felt fast, but it wasn’t.  Guess this is what running with a cold and 3 weeks off of speed does to a gal.

Our group was supposed to run 6:56, 6:48, 6:40 and then 3:15 or something along those lines.  I hadn’t really looked at it because my plan was just to tuck-in behind the group and hold on.  We ran our first mile around 6:53 and I was praying to God I’d make it the next 2 and a half.  Somehow I managed to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  My stride never felt great (but how good can one’s stride feel when attempting to run fast over uneven ground in complete darkness), at least my breathing was good.

I managed to settle in for mile two (6:45) and mile 3 (6:35) and finish the last 800 meters at 6:15 pace.  I didn’t feel the speed increase at all for the last 2 and a half miles, I think my legs were just not having their best night and mile 2 was slightly uphill so it all felt challenging.

We made our way back to the track and thought of a million excuses to not run the 200s (including wanting to be careful with my foot).  Before I knew though, I was on the start line (clearly being a slow thinker was not helping me out this night).  My goal was to not lead because I always end up running 200s too fast.  Our coach told us 42 sec, so we took off and finished the first one just under 44 seconds (oops).  I could tell it felt slow but wasn’t really sure.

I ended-up leading the last two (38 high and 38 low- oops again).  As usual I was just in a hurry to get done by this point, after all I had packing to do and a birthday to celebrate.

The cool down may have been two of the ugliest miles of my life, good thing it was dark out.  My left hip flexor was done and I was done.  I was looking forward to well deserve day off on Thursday.  Happy to be back, but hoping next week feels a bit better.

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