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Week in Review: Travel, Turkey Trot, speed and oh no- aqua jogging

Week in Review:  Travel, Turkey Trot, speed and oh no- aqua jogging

November 21-27

There was nothing pretty or fast about the start of this week.  Monday was a marathon day of work followed by an evening meeting; by the time I got home I was ready for bed so I could get up early for my run.

I awoke early on Tuesday to the sound of my alarm and then the sound of rain outside my window (never good when you can hear the rain through the window) still I managed to drag myself out of bed, coordinate my rain hat with my reflective vest and I was out the door.

My foot had been a bit sore Monday but I wasn’t too concerned, but 3 minutes into the run I was more concerned.  It really wasn’t warming up the way I’d hoped it would, and since I was tapering a bit this week I decided to turn around and give the foot another day of rest.  Normally I’d hit the gym and bike or aqua jog but I was leaving work early for a holiday getaway. I was trying to calculate a way to get some sort of workout in when I felt a sharp pain in my hip that brought me to a halt.  Great.  I’ve had this happen before and it usually loosens up right away, no luck, I limped home and figured my Wednesday workout was out of the question and clearly the working out was done for the day.

I’d been excited for weeks to run my hard workout in Eugene but not in the cards.  Also not in the cards, a drive down to Eugene on Tuesday night, the roads were a mess with rain, wind and multiple accidents.  After an hour of driving we gave up and decided to drive down early the next day (and yes it took us about an hour 20 minutes to get home after the hour of driving).  Fabulous.

The early drive start time meant no run, and no gym, but I was okay with it (I had to be right?)  We had a great early Thanksgiving in Eugene and the headed north for Thanksgiving number two in Portland.  The days festivities kicked off with the first annual Turkey Trot.  Here are some pictures, for a full report checkout my Trot Report

My dad and I right before the start

Finished! My dad, me and my sister in law… thanks to my husband for being our photographer

My new favorite hat and the best long sleeve and half tights around

The foot felt fine on Thursday so I was excited to tackle my delayed “Wednesday Night Speed’ workout.  Well rested I was ready for an easy fast 9 x 2 minutes with a 1 minute recovery.  Well short story short, it was not pretty (though it was fast).

It was one of those workouts you just get through, they can’t all feel good and this was definitely one that didn’t feel good.  For more on the Friday workout check out my Friday Fartlek: 9 x 2 minutes

Hopeful that my foot had recovered I was ready finally get some running done this week.  My plan was an easy 4-6 depending on the foot.  It was a beautiful fall morning.

It was a perfect gray Seattle Saturday, the kind you can only appreciate after a day of bright sunshine.  I felt great through 4 miles but started to get a bit nervous about the foot around 4.2.  Does it hurt?  Can I feel it?  Is this what it felt like when I hurt it in April?  I decided to call it a day and head home.

View from the run

… and one more… LOVE grey Seattle!

I spent the rest of Saturday debating (with myself) what was wrong with my foot.  Is this in my head?  Is this how it felt when I “tested” it last spring? (Checkout Chronicle of an Injured Runner: Part One for more info   The good news about the Saturday run?  Only one woman tried to run me over, what is it with Saturday morning drivers?

One more shot from my grey morning run

Since I’m in taper mode now (the marathon is a week from Sunday) I figured I’d shut everything down and stick with the pool and bike.  So good morning IMA, too bad you sleep-in so late: 11:00AM.

So of course I managed to stay up later than normal so I was able to sleep in Sunday and head over to the IMA only to wait outside with the other 10 people who workout in the morning on a college campus after a major holiday weekend (that was a really long sentence).


The IMA was deserted.  I managed 45 minutes on the bike and another (terribly boring) 45 minutes aqua jogging in the pool.  I arrived at the diving well around 11:00.  There were two guys in it when I got there and both left promptly when I arrived (what did I do?).  Maybe it was my green and white poka-dot bathing suit bottoms paired with my long black NIKE running top?  Yeah, not so pretty but I can’t seem to find my faded blue swimsuit and I don’t think my other bathing suits are IMA approved (they are more like beach in Maui approved).

Nice lighting right? Very flattering.

I wasn’t alone for long.  First was the guy who looked like a swimmer but I have  no idea what he was doing.  He kept holding onto the side of the pool and holding himself under water.  Then there was the random lap swimmer.  Again, would love to point out the other 3 open lanes to swim laps in.  I kid you not there were only 3 people swimming laps (one per lane).  After swimming a few short laps she started swimming diagonal and then in all other random directions.  She was hard to avoid (and I was moving extra slow).

Aqua jogging ended up being a blessing in disguise.  My hips had been tight all week and after about 20 minutes of basically running in place they’d completely loosened up.  Not bad for a Sunday.  The only down side?  I still smell like chlorine, ugh.

It was an unusual week, but I did manage some fast and some pretty through it all.  Now time to decorate a tree.

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