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gobble, gobble, gobble a turkey trot run report…

Gobble, gobble, gobble Turkey Trot 2011.  This actually isn’t my first turkey trot, but I hope this one will become a family tradition.

My first trot was in high school and it was miserable.  It was cold and an out and back (not my favorite type of course) to make things worse, I thought I was in much better shape than I actually was in.  I’d just finished my high school cross-country season and I had no concept how quickly one looses their fitness if one doesn’t run a step for weeks, by the first mile I had figured it out and pretty much swore I’d never run a Turkey Trot again.  Sleeping in sounded like a much better plan.

My dad and I on the MAX on our way to the start can you tell we are related?

I’m not sure what inspired (possessed) me to give the trot a try again, but I managed to talk 3 family members into the fun.  We woke up before the sun, which was the only really hard part of the day, and made our way to the MAX.  My dad, my husband and myself were going to meet my sister-in-law and brother at the Zoo (the start of the Trot).

MAX map

All was well, we made it to the station with time to spare and then my phone rang; it was my mom.  Apparently we forgot my sister-in-law’s packet… oops.  So we turned around picked it up and waited for the next train.

Waiting on the MAX, but no rain!

We hurried to catch the next train, but slowly realized we didn’t need to rush.  Since it was holiday we had a nice little wait on the MAX (hence the pictures) our train finally left a little before 8:00.  Did I mention the trot started at 8:00?  Luckily, since this is a trot, they had a late start at 8:30.

Checkout the new lulu hat. It actually is reversible and may have just replaced the love I have for my purple hat…

Our mishaps actually worked to our advantage.  We stepped off the MAX at 7:55, and were at the start at 7:57, just enough time to find my brother (he was a world-class spectator this morning) and my sister-in-law.

My sister in law and brother

The gun fired and our fellow trotters were off.  We were actually standing by the porta potties at this point but made out way to the masses for the 8:00 start.

My dad and I right before the start

We had no plans on racing this 4 miler, it’s the perfect turkey trot because there are no timing chips and no numbers.  The course was beautiful.  It’s in the hills by the Portland Zoo (start and finish at the zoo).  The road was lined with beautiful trees.  The road was also one of the hilliest roads I’ve ever run on.

My race number… I hope I get this number again next year…

We were all pretty excited to be running downhill until my sister-in-law pointed out it was an out and back… oop should have looked at the map.  Our group managed to stay together to the turnaround point until I realized I needed a restroom stop (I know shocking to anyone who knows me).

Pretty Portlandia

I’d planned on using a porta potty at the start but our perfectly timed arrival meant we had to cut out a few of the normal pre-run rituals.  So I ran ahead and planned on catching up with the group.  The line at the restroom unfortunately was about 7 people deep when I got there, so the stop was much longer than planned.  I jumped back on the course and quickly tried to catch-up, however, there’s nothing quick about try to catch people when running uphill, and I mean a lot of hill (this coming from someone who runs hills like every day!).  I really didn’t think I’d catch the group, but on about the third hill I found them.  We walked for a bit on the last hill and then picked up our run again (this was around the 3 mile mark).

My dad and I started talking and surged ahead a bit, then my sister-in-law and I started talking and we surged ahead.  I then was accused of having to be first (me competitive… never :)); clearly my dad is the one that always has to be first (he really runs about a step ahead of whoever he runs with)- but I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree :).  In a surprise twist my dad and my husband started talking and they surged ahead.  Not to worry though we all managed to finish together.

Finished! My dad, me and my sister in law… thanks to my husband for being our photographer

It was the perfect start to a Thanksgiving Day.  We managed to find my brother at the end, the husband was able to find some coffee.  I think it’s safe to say a new family tradition has begun!  Next year I’ll need to convince both brothers and my mom (even if for the walk);  Happy Thanksgiving!  Now time for some turkey!

My new favorite hat and the best long sleeve and half tights around

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