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Week in Review: It’s gonna be a cold one

Week in Review:  It’s gonna be a cold one

November 14-20

It was a good week, some fast some pretty, just a dash of sad and way too much cold.

I found out on Monday that I won’t get to run my favorite race of the year.  Okay, I lie, my favorite race is Hood to Coast, but our relationship status right now is complicated.  I’m still working on my race report (from August!), I hope to finally get it done this week, after all it is almost December.  Back to my sad news, no 12ks of Christmas this year.

Such happy reindeer… so sad to miss out on the fun this year!

Really it’s 24ks of Christmas, my running group meets early for loop on the course and then we run the race, but not this year.  Not antlers, no green and red, not holiday socks, sad day indeed.  The good news is I will be visiting some of my besties in LA for my birthday that weekend so I have a feeling I won’t miss out on all the fun.

Back to the running week, Monday was the usual day off.  I swore I’d do PT this week (physical therapy) but a big fat fail.  I was so tired after work that I just crashed and called it day.  Tuesday was much more promising, albeit very, very cold.

iPhone was correct, though a big fail for the snow later in the week

I upped my normal 6 by a mile and ventured out along the water.

My hamstrings were a bit iffy after the 20 miler on Sunday but it was a beautiful morning.  Maybe they were so cramping because I stopped to take so many pics?

The Pacific Northwest

I spent most of the day Wednesday trying to talk myself out of the workout, but faithfully showed up on time.  It was still a bit touch and go because our coach was late, but it ended being a go.  It felt like we were the only people on the face of the planet out in the crazy November weather.

A storm hit right after work full of rain and wind, but this is Seattle, we’re pretty used to it.  The workout was a 3 mile cut down tempo.  My group (group 4) was supposed to run 6:32, 6:22 and 6:12.  We ran 6:29, 6:13 and 6:01.  The 6:01 was my fault.  You can check out more details at this link:

I’d been struggling with sleep this week, so I opted for an extra hour of shuteye and planned on biking after work.  I’m not sure what the IMA is up to, but their bikes were like brand new.  Totally smooth ride, which meant I was pedaling way to fast.  I forgot my easy to read novel at home, so settled for a book form work The Talent Code.  Good read but maybe not on the bike… just made me more competitive.

I was in no way ready to run when my alarm went off at 6:00AM Friday morning, so I hit snooze and slept for another 30 minutes.  I finally willed myself out the door and into what was the worst weather of the day.

This is right before the temperature dropped 15 degrees and it started pouring

Cold, dark and rainy got to love Seattle in November.

I was finally able to sleep in on Saturday.  I didn’t make it the door until 10:30 which is pretty late for me.  I figured it would be warmer, but spent my first 3 miles trying to warm-up and slipping on ice.  The good news, only one woman nearly ran me over in her car.  She waved nicely so I guess that makes it okay?  Saturday morning drivers seem to be the most dangerous for runners.

My week was capped off with a 16 miler in even colder weather.  My car said 27 degrees when go in and 32 degrees when I reached the Arb.

Jody and me

My friend Jody had matching hats, and I managed to look like Rainbow Bright.

We were a colorful group.  I begged a random stranger to snap a quick pick of the group as we nearly froze to death.  I’m surprised we were all smiling, I felt like crying but I think face just froze that way.

It was a fun group.  Two of the gals are preggers and we dragged the up Laurelhurst.  They peeled off early and I ran about 10 total with my other two friends.  I still needed more miles for 16 so I headed down to Gas Works Parks.  My last few miles were under 8’s which is pretty fast for me on a long run; to be honest, I think I just wanted out of the cold.

It was an excellent week of training.  I’m excited for some holiday cheer and a little turkey.  It’s also time for a mini taper:  CIM just two short weeks away.  November, you’re looking good so far, would you mind turning up the heat just a bit?  I’m cold.

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