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Wednesday Night Speed: 3 Mile Tempo Run- Cut Downs

Wednesday Night Speed: 3 Mile Tempo Run- Cut Downs

I’ll like my crazy with a shot of wind and two pumps of rain.

It’s 5:30 on a Wednesday night, my peers are on their way home or on their way to happy hour, not me.  I’m on my way to a dark, wet windy track.  All day the weather channel warned the great northwest of impending wind and rain storm.   I am not going to lie, I thought of every excuse in the book to skip the track.  I thought I had a migraine, sore throat, sore foot, sore hamstring… ya know.  Try as I might I still actually wanted to go to the track.

So there I was in the dark trying to identify my running buddies through the rain.  No sign of our coach so my friend and I debated doing the workout on Saturday morning.  Eventually we reasoned we made it this far so we’d give it a go.

The plan was a 3 mile tempo run cutting down each mile:  6:32, 6:22, 6:12.  12 laps on the track didn’t sound like fun, but I didn’t trust my footing out on the roads.  So there we were, 12 laps in the dark straining to see our watches every lap, no fancy lights and less than reliable light on my watch.

We took turns leading every 800m.  We started on pace, but then I took over after 800m and sped us up a bit (I’m not great at pace).  Settled back down for the fourth lap and came through around 6:29.  From there we ran faster and faster, 6:13 and then 6:01 (last lap 87).  And I’m guilty of leading the last 800m.  I have this really bad habit of having to win the workout.  I can admit it.  I need to learn to slow down and hit pace a bit more.  Isn’t there some about admitting you have a problem being the first step?

The good news is that I’m feeling pretty good right now, not too sore, so until next week.

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On a side note, I was going to take a picture… but my entire evening was in the dark… doesn’t make for a great pic.  Maybe next week (fingers crossed :)).


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