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Week in Review: And hello there November

Week in Review: And hello there November

November 7-13

Much faster this week and still plenty of pretty.  first though, I started the week as any responsible runner would, with a day off.  No lying here, Monday is typically my day office since I tend to do more miles over the weekend.

I was still getting over this sinus thing on Tuesday and debated how far to go, finally settled on 6.  It was a perfect day for a run, ran my usual route which included a 2 mile gentle uphill (usually I’m so asleep I don’t notice it) followed by another two downhill (awake enough to enjoy that) and finishing with a flat 2 by the lake.

View from the run… really there’s an uphill… can you see it?

The leaves were amazing and the morning was perfect.  I did have to make a quick pit stop.  McDonald’s is always my first choice, very clean bathrooms.  I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was insane for taking a pic of it, but I found the palm trees an odd selection for the northwest…yes?

Weird right?

I was happy to hit the lake, but learned a valuable lesson.  Here it goes:  swans are weird.  The first report I ever wrote was in fourth grade and it was about trumpeter swans, I don’t remember learning about their feeding practices, must have missed that one.

Yep… nature’s finest.

Enough about swans Wednesday rolled around and I was excited to be back at the track.  The time change meant that our entire workout was in the dark and the track we workout out does not have lights.  I figured they’d have the spot light out but no luck totally dark.  I was hoping for an easier workout since most of the group had raced the weekend before.  I think it was supposed to be easy, but honestly the last mile nearly killed me (not really… clearly still alive here).  At least it was dark so no one could witness this near death experience.

The workout was a 4 mile step down tempo.  I was trying to decide between group 4a and 4 until my coach told me 4.  This meant 6:45, 6:35, 6:25 and 6:15 (4a was 7:00, 6:45, 6:35, and 6:25).  I’d been away so long that I didn’t fully grasp how fast it would be.  The first 3 felt great, but by last mile I was praying I wouldn’t collapse on my face.  I managed to hit pace, not die and felt okay for the cool down.

Thursday was a recovery day, first time I’ve run after a hard day in months.  I settled on 9:00 minute miles for four miles.  One thing I’ve learned in my training is if you want to run fast, you have to be willing to run slow to help your body recover.

Friday was another day off (really I just wanted to sleep in and hangout around the house).  Saturday turned into an 8 mile run that felt surprisingly good.  No one tried to run me over this week so that was a plus.

The arb.

To cap off the week I ran my longest run since March (yes March!).  I managed 20 and it was sort of perfect.  Ran the first 10 with my pregnant friend Jody (it was great to catch-up and she doesn’t even look preggers); finished the last 10 mile on my own over the Interlaken hills and a bit of the arboretum.

It’s nice to feel back on track, not only with speed workouts, but with my eyes fixed on CIM in December.  I’m not racing it this year but am pacing my friend in her first marathon.  Was a bit nervous I wasn’t going to be ready for the 26.2 but after a few solid weeks of training I’m feeling ready… hello November, please be kinder than October.

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