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Week in Review: Goodbye October

Week in Review:  Goodbye October

October 31 – November 6

Well no fast running this week but there were pops of pretty.  After an epic week of training last week (including 6 x 1200m with the first 3 right a 6:00 minute mile pace and the last 3 under 6:00 and a 19 mile longer run just around 8:00’s) I had to back off again (September and October have been a bit touch and go).  I was pretty much over the epic sinus infection of 2011 until the husband came down with a cold.  My immune system put up a good fight, but after 6 long days, it gave up on me and a sore throat settled in on Sunday night.

Monday and Tuesday came and went, and I wasn’t feeling much relief, so I called my doc again (we are totally besties by this point) and he sent me to one of his bff’s the ears nose and throat specialist.  I was excited for the visit, maybe finally I’ll kick this sinus thing, but not excited where his office was at; the hospital.

Hospital parking garages: Note my fav.

I found myself in the hospital’s parking garage on gorgeous sunny Thursday afternoon, but even the sun-shined skies couldn’t help my mood.  For some reason hospital parking garages are all the same and they bring back distant memories I’d rather keep buried.  They all seem to have lower than average clearance and serious letters, numbers and color codes to keep you in line.  Maybe it’s more than the outward appearance, maybe it’s more about the stories of those wandering around, seeking help for our broken bodies or the broken bodies of those we love.

And the colors continued inside, I of course, still had to ask for directions.

Luckily for me it was a quick trip and my diagnosis was on the happier side of this crazy thing we call medicine.  CT of the sinuses done and I will not need surgery (hooray!), but I will need round 5 of antibiotics, lucky gal.  Since I wasn’t seriously broken I did want any partially sane runner would do, I went home, graded some papers and went on an evening run.

So I sort of misjudged just exactly when the sun set and maybe the whole temperature thing.  It was only a quick (well slow for me and slightly hilly) 4 miler and for some reason I thought shorts with no reflective gear was a good choice; wrong.  Still it was nice being out on the roads again so who am I to complain!

I was a bit smarter on Friday, opted to sleep in (as much as one can sleep in on a work day) and bike 45 minutes at my favorite IMA after work (yeah 5:30 on a Friday night, clearly no life here).

And my iPhone weather sort-of fails me again... sad but true.

Saturday called for more sleeping in followed by my favorite hilly 8 miler, it was a very cold start but sunny and still sort of cold by the end.  On a side note I was nearly run over on 4 different occasions, yes in broad daylight, that may in fact be a new record for me.  Besides my near death experience the only other excitement was I finally wore my favorite lulu half tights, think they will get lots of use this winter.  Oops how could I forget the guy who was trying to pass me up hill!

So happy to be on the roads again... when did 3 days get so long?

Okay so there’s all this talk about being “chicked” and I’ll admit it, I hate it when a guy speeds ups when I’m about to pass him, but I sort of had a bit of a revelation.  I was heading into the last 3 miles of my run trying to stay relaxed (the next 1.5 was up hill) when I saw out of the corner of my eye a guy moving up on me.  No thank you!  I totally sped-up, ran up the stone stairs I usually walk and pushed onward and upward.  As I tried to think over the sound of my heavy breathing I had to admit being “chicked “ is sort of lame term, I don’t think anyone really enjoys being passed by anyone and I don’t blame anyone for speeding up (since I am clearly so guilty).  Okay, enough of that business.

Final fail of the iPhone weather this weekend. At least it got the daylight part right.

Finally I finished off the week with a short long run, 12 very hilly miles (759 feet of elevation gain).  I seriously need to find some flat routes to run!  It was the perfect fall morning in the northwest, a bit cold but bright and sunny (no matter what my iPhone says).  Clearly day light savings needs a big shout out this morning, loved the extra sleep and the extra light.  Perfect end for a not so fast but still pretty week.

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